Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Head of department
Assistant professor Boro Nogalo, MD, PhD

Marija Bučanac- main physical therapist
Ivan Đapić
Marija Mikša Stašević
Ana Zbiljski - occupational therapist

Respiratory physiotherapy perfomed both at inpatient and outpatient facilities plays an important role in the management of patients at the Children’s Hospital Srebrnjak. It comprises the following methods:

  • Physiotherapeutic assessment
  • Postural drainage with vibration massage and cough-out technique
  • Relaxation
  • Breathing exercises

Physiotherapeutic assessment comprises the assessment of posture, pulmonary function, breathing modes, cough and general condition of the patient.

Postural drainage is a method based on the action of gravitation used for eliminating secretion from the airways. For that purpose the part of the lungs which is intended for drainage is to be positioned at the highest level in relation to the main bronchi. Drainage is then facilitated by vibration massage.

Relaxation is a process of achieving total mental and physical calmness, which is being transferred from the peripheral muscles to the smooth mucles of the bronchi, thus diminishing bouts of impaired breathing. It is performed in a lying, sitting and standing position.

Breathing exercises are important in the prevention and treatment of repiratory diseases. They aim at teaching children how to breathe correctly, thus increasing the lung ventilation while reducing the consumption of energy needed for breathing.

Breathing exercises can be actively performed with children over five years of age, while younger children exercise through play.

Your can learn more about the methods of respiratory physiotherapy in theory and practice at the Asthma School run by our physiotherapists.

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