Clinical Trials Unit


Head of Clinical Trials Unit
Assoc. Prof. Damir Erceg, MD, PhD

Study Coordinator/Study Nurse
Marina Jakirović, mag. med. techn.

  • Research professionals with >20 years combined experience in conducting clinical trials.
  • Qualified Investigators include Physician-Specialists in pediatrics, clinical pharmacology, toxicology, allergology, pulmonology, ETN and occupational health.
  • Access to pediatric populations through CHS Physicians and hospital database, adult populations through CHS collaborative effort with a network of GP/Specialists within the community.
  • State-of-the-art facilities/equipment, capacity for multidisciplinary projects and various study designs.
  • Quality Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in compliance with ICH guidances (GCP) and EU/Local Regulations.


  • Occupies about 400m2 of the 2nd Floor of the hospital, secure access facility with a patient Waiting Area before the main entrance.
  • Large 8-Bed Patient Evaluation Facility (2 groups of 4) equipped for sophisticated vital function measurements and continuous patient safety monitoring.
  • Designed to accommodate Phase I to Phase IV study.
  • Possibility to perform bioequivalence study (up to 40 volunteers).
  • Patient exam rooms, Biomedical Laboratories including equipment for blood sample processing and frozen storage.
  • Study Drug Storage Area, equipped to manage both ambient and refrigerated IMP storage requirements.
  • Call Centre/Office, Sponsor/CRO Monitoring space.
  • Archiving Room, secure-access, temperature-controlled, fireproof.


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