Day-care hospital

Head of department
Ivana Jerković, MD pediatrician, specialist in pediatric allergology and clinical immunology

Department's physician
Ivana Malada, MD, specialist in pediatrics

Department's head nurse
Vesna Lešković, bacc. med. techn.

Working hours
07-15h every day (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) 


  1. diagnostics (lab., spirometry and respiratory functional diagnostics, radiologic diagnostics, allergy testing, musculoskeletal, cardiac and neurological ultrasound, ECG, EMNG, capillaroscopy, sleep lab .)
  2. therapy (parenteral, oral, inhalation, intra-articular, physiotherapy)
  3. small procedures (joint puncture, intra-articular applicatin of a drug, endoscopy)
  4. check-ups
  5. follow-up
  6. advisory services
  7. education

Patients referred to the Day-care hospital have mild to moderate respiratory, mainly broncho-obstructive diseases (asthma, bronchitis), rheumatology patients for additional processing and introduction of new therapeutic schemes or receiving periodic cytostatic and biological therapy, patients who require joint puncture with intraarticular application of the drug, neuropediatric patients who require treatment and follow-up; continuation of hospital treatment, follow-up purposes, and additional treatments such as respiratory physiotherapy, "dysplacement ", physical therapy of rheumatological and neurological patients.

During the stay, school children have the opportunity to attend classes, organized by the school teachers in the hospital. (Hospital school)
Treatment in our clinic offers specific features in relation to inpatient management, such as a combined way of treatment that requires good collaboration between the physician and parents. The majority of parents are in favor of this treatment model since it enables them to stay close to their children.

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