Clinical laboratory diagnostics

Head of Department:
Gordana Fressl Juroš, mag. spec. med. biochem., PhD
Tel: 01/6391 153
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Main Dpt. engineer: Kristina Mišak,
Telefon: 01/6391 157

Martina Jurina,
Petra Pozaić,
Ivana Garbin,
Diana Soldo,
Matea Sinković,
Ljiljana Domitrović, zdr. lab. tehn.
Martina Lacković, zdr. lab. tehn.
Ena Liber, bacc.lab.diagn.
Ana Pešec, zdr. lab. tehn.
Lorena Tot,
Snježana Vrbić, zdr. lab. tehn.
Marija Balen,

Tel:(attendant tech.) 01/6391 251

Working hours:
0,00 – 24,00

Issuing medical reports
8,00 – 15,00 (Monday-Friday)

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