Pulmonary function testing laboratory

Head of department
Ivana Maloča Vuljanko, MD, PhD

Department's main engineer
Tonka Crnogorac, med. lab. ing.

Working hours
07 - 20 h Monday - Thursday
07 - 15 h Friday

Odjel za plućnu funkcijuIn our PFT Laboratory we provide a full range of functional respiratory testing including:

  1. Lung ventilation / spirometry
  2. Whole-body plethysmography
  3. Lung diffusion capacity
  4. Pharmacodynamic testing / ventolin test
  5. Methacholine challenge test
  6. Ergo-spirometry
  7. Rhinometry (with and without decongestant)
  8. Determining nitric oxide in exhaled air (eNO) and nasal nitric oxide
  9. Oscillometry

Contact numbers for making appointments for methacholine challenge test, ergospirometry.

+385 1 6391-111 or +385 1 6391-112.

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