Fun and laughter in Children's hospital Srebrnjak

Red noses are our beloved and well-known guests :o)

crveni noseviRegular program at Children's Hospital Srebrnjak began 03.05.2011., when the Red noses had introduced themselves at event for World Asthma Day, organized by the Hospital.
A child in the hospital is in an extremely difficult position with regard to physical sickness and difficulties that come with it, and also because of the hospital environment that can cause additional fear, helplessness in a child.
The visit of RED NOSES takes place every other Wednesday from 9:30 to 12:00 hours during which Red noses visit up to seventy children placed in a hospital and about 30 children accompanied by their parents who visit hospital's same-day clinic.



Soon we're expecting the arrival of Tete pričalice at DBS.

Project is based on volunteers who tell stories to children being treated at the hospital.
The objective of the project is to reduce the negative consequences of hospitalization and fear in children.

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